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Self-Employed Program - Business

Self-Employed Program - Business

American Dream CPA has prepared many thousands of tax returns for Self-Employed Professionals and through this experience, we have developed our Self-Employed Professional Program.   Our goal was make our client’s life less painful when it comes to taxes. This is why we do everything - tax planning, preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and guide our clients how take full advantage of the tax systems. This simplifies communication and the efficiencies allow us to have reasonable costs.

The returns are engineered to be accepted without audit and in compliance with the tax laws and regulations, taking advantage of both the Corporate and Individual Tax Systems. Corporations pay less tax than individuals because they have a separate tax system, which is why you should file your business on a separate tax return as an S Corporation. This engineering is a result of our experience over decades of striving for excellence and caring about our client's quality of life.

Full Time Self-Employed or Part Time - Our Program works.

There is more involved in successful tax planning and preparation than a good tax bottom line

1. You need a long term tax strategy to achieve the lowest practical tax over the long term in a changing environment.
2. It must be tailored to your priorities, lifestyle, income, commitments, and goals
3.  You need a “Tax Smart Education” on how to properly use the tax system and
  a.  You must be comfortable with the strategy and tactics used.
  b.  We need the returns to comply with laws and governmental regulations.
  c.  The tax returns should have an extremely low chance of being audited.
The lowest practical tax means the tax is affordable and the returns will meet your bank or insurance company expectations, if at all possible.  We know this because we have discussed your requirements and the taxes will be to achieve the results.  We will not stop until we are pleased with the results.  We are done when we achieve the Lowest Practical Taxes. 

We implement and maintain our Program with minimum effort by our clients and include:
1. A long term tax strategy to achieve the lowest practical tax consistent with your lifestyle.
2.  Assistance in forming a LLC or corporation so the business reported its activity as an S Corporation.
3.  Set up & maintenance of a bookkeeping system (QuickBooks) to track income and expenses.
 a. Guidance in selecting what expenses and bills to be paid through the business.
 b.  Many expenses can be deducted under certain circumstances.
 c.  We encourage clients to ask “How do I deduct this?” and we will explain the requirements.   
  d.  The result is that when clients pay expenses through the business they are recorded properly.
4.   Payroll Service with recommendation for salaries.
5.   Preparing tax returns with an extremely low chance of being audited.
6.   Health Insurance cost can be impacted by your tax returns due to the ObamaCare Premium Tax Credits and this is reviewed.
7.   Preparing forms required to keep the LLC or corporation compliant.
8.  Consultation regarding tax planning, business, real estate, and retirement.

This Program works and our clients save thousands of dollars in taxes every year.  Our expertise and efficiencies allow us to have reasonable costs. Use both tax systems properly and stop being a victim.  You will be grateful for having engaged our services. Call (813) 229-6600 NOW to reduce your tax pain and improve your quality of life.

Adrian Keith Skane, CPA and CEO


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