American Dream CPA


We Are Familiar With the Challenges and Sacrifices of the Medical Profession. 

Doctors' Taxes

American Dream CPA is a proactive CPA firm that has the knowledge and expertise of working with physicians. We are familiar with the challenges of your profession and your sacrifices, which often are abused by the system. You lose 60% of your income to reimbursements and pay 40% of the balance to taxes. Our expertise is in lowering your taxes, which will improve your quality of life.


Here's How We Can Help

We will give you the same tax benefits corporations receive along with individual benefits. Corporations pay substantially lower taxes than individuals because they use a separate tax system. Corporations hire lobbyists, buy political influence and get unbelievable tax benefits.

To take advantage of both tax systems, your medical practice should file a separate S Corporation return in addition to your individual return.


Like a Skilled Surgeon

Your tax pain is like that of an infected appendix. When necessary, it can be removed. Our Self-Employed Program is like an appendectomy in that it removes the source of pain. To minimize your tax pain, we take care of everything – tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and encouraging you to take full advantage of the tax system and use both the individual and corporate tax systems properly. 

Like a skilled surgeon removing an appendix, when we do the procedures, your prognosis for recovery is excellent.

A specialized CPA firm is your best solution. We are passionate about removing your tax pain. Our tax strategy will achieve the lowest possible tax over the long term in a changing environment. Our successful track record over decades demonstrates our methods work while our expertise and efficiency keep our fees reasonable.

Adrian Keith Skane, Senior Partner, CPA