American Dream CPA


American Dream CPA Loves Working with Realtor Professionals. 


American Dream CPA loves working with realtors because of how the profession is integral to achieving the American Dream. We define the American Dream as the promise of prosperity and success based on ability and effort regardless of the circumstances of one's birth or position.  Having your own business is the best method to achieve your American Dream.

Business ownership brings with it certain tax advantages. The tax system in the United States creates a great obstacle to obtaining financial independence. We help you get past this obstacle by giving you the tax benefits enjoyed by corporations and individuals.  

Corporations pay less tax than individuals because they have a separate tax system.  Corporations hire lobbyists, buy political influence and get unbelievable tax benefits. To take advantage of both tax systems, your real estate business should be an S Corporation and file an S Corporation return, which is a return separate from your individual return. 

We do everything to minimize your tax pain. This includes tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and encouraging our clients to take full advantage of the tax system. Our Self-Employed Program saves our clients thousands of dollars in taxes every year and was designed for self-employed professionals like you. 

American Dream CPA has been involved in all aspects of the real estate industry since its inception. Our real estate expertise, which can help with structuring transactions, is a valuable asset for you and your clients.  

Our expertise and efficiencies allow us to keep our costs reasonable and let you use both tax systems for maximum advantage. You will be grateful for having engaged our services. Call now to reduce your tax pain and improve your quality of life.

Adrian Keith Skane, Senior Partner, CPA